Get back, get back, get back, get back
I’ma sauce this shit hard, man
We go hard in this

2020 vision, see the future from a distance
That’s So Raven, Miyagi’s a little different
In my premonition, I only picture my infants
Rugrats, skip all the talk about Dr. Lipschitz
Try to keep the balance, be honorable and sadistic
Lost a lot of homies, but in my dreams they revisit
Lookin’ at the world without lookin’ forward to Christmas
Should I be a Buddhist, Jehovah’s Witness or Christian?
Satan’s out the question
With the way the industry ran you gotta have a fuckin’ death wish
Just to get views or to be viewed as a legend
But call a nigga corny when you hear he got a message
Damn, I know a nigga preachin’ like a reverend
My head is out the box like seven
Call me Pandora, martial arts elevate my aura
Fire spit make you sound poorer
There is no order, I am number one, fuck a top five
Yeah, them other niggas cool, but brodie, they are not live
For the fact, them other niggas are not, I
Too fly, compare me to Marty McFly
No Biggie, I’m rappin’ like I’m from Bed-Stuy
Bustin’ off the top of the dome, my mind is war cry
Truthfully the realest of all and that is no lie
Put me on the track with the best and they’ll be no tie
I’m sayin’ though

I’m just sayin’ though
Gotta make a plan and come away

Ayy, say
Niggas drownin’ in the water, I been swimmin’ like Phelps
Fightin’ demons in Holy Water to cover my steps
Walk through the fire, I’d rather die than to give my respect
Well protected, a deadly weapon that can’t be concealed
On that hunt just like a lion, but I walk through the field
While they was hatin’, oh, I was makin’ my way up the hill
Huh, and they coulda all followed
Belly of the beast, you always headed to the bottom
It’s an unseen problem, got the under scene poppin’
I’m a real show stopper, real proper, real Don Dotta
You could call me daddy, just know I will not father
And I will not sponsor anything I make
And anything, I need a hot dollar
I don’t need a dumb model, I need a hot scholar
Like I’m Van Wilder
‘Cause anything I do, I’m known to take that shit skyward
Uh, now it’s time get up like I was too excited
Successes in my horizon
I’m headed towards where they light is
Nobody real can deny this
You gon’ miss the plane like [?] And I still be givin’ out game, I’m just sayin’

Oh, God
Can I get a witness right now?
This is God’s work in the making
You know when we came over here on the arc
Because we got flow for days
We got flow for nights
We got flow that’s right